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Replacing or Installing Windows – Part 2

Last month, we covered many types of windows available for your upgrade or installation, and we conclude that discussion in this month’s issue. Window frames are an important consideration when planning to install new windows in your home. And there are many choices available including: Wood and wood composite – While wood provides excellent insulation, [read more]

Replacing or Installing Windows? Where do I Begin?

When it comes to windows, homeowners today are looking for both style and efficiency. Windows need to blend in with the home’s overall feel and colour palette while providing the specific light and air flow needs of each room. Consumers want more than just a good window that brings light in. Today’s windows fit the [read more]

It’s Easy to Go Green!

Last month, we talked about easy ways to improve the quality of the air in your home. This month, we follow up with easy ways you can go green in your own everyday environment. Read on for ways you can be environmentally responsible in your own home and yard as well as some natural home [read more]

How Safe is the Air in Your Home?

Today we’ll talk about some of the ways you can clean up or modify the air in your home. We all want to be comfortable inside our own homes. We cool it in summer, heat it in winter and sometimes throw the windows open. Which is all fine – except there’s a lot more we [read more]

Are Your Home and Property Snowstorm-Ready?

A generator for backup electricity to service refrigerators and freezers during an electrical outage is a great idea but not everyone has one. If you don’t, instruct family members not to open appliances once power goes out. The exception to this would be if you do so immediately and remove enough food that does not [read more]

Go Ahead and WOW Your Guests at the Holiday Table This Year!

If you host the celebration of any of the various year-end holidays, chances are you dress up your holiday table. This month’s article offers up some ideas for your dinner table to wow your holiday guests. Your tablecloth is one of the main considerations. If the table surface below it is wood, be sure to [read more]

Winter Décor for the Cold Months Ahead

Thanksgiving has passed and, depending on the weather where you live, you may choose to keep up your autumn decorations for a while longer or switch to winter ones. Next month’s article will deal mostly with your holiday table, but for this month, we talk about winter. Many or most of these winter décor ideas [read more]