Create a Home Library or Reading Nook

When we hear the term home library, we often think of dark leather, overstuffed chairs grouped together inside a massive room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves overflowing with leather-bound books. Tables and desks are made of deep mahogany, lighting is dim, and no one speaks in these rooms… Those who are able to afford these [read more]

Affordable Closet Reorganization – part 2

In August, we gave you lots of ideas to begin your closet reorganization on a budget. Here is the second part, filled with more ideas. Remember this – the more ideas you can incorporate into your own closet, the more organized it will be and the more room you will have for your clothing and [read more]

Pretty Is as Close as a Can of Paint

Painting the inside of your home gives it a facelift and certainly is worth the investment in supplies and labor if you hire a professional to do the job for you. Often the paint is the first thing people notice about a home when they walk in. The right color on the walls will: Give [read more]