Affordable Closet Reorganization – part 2

In August, we gave you lots of ideas to begin your closet reorganization on a budget. Here is the second part, filled with more ideas. Remember this – the more ideas you can incorporate into your own closet, the more organized it will be and the more room you will have for your clothing and [read more]

Affordable Closet Reorganization – part 1 of 2

Hello! I hope you’re outside enjoying these beautiful summer days! But when rainy days keep us indoors, it’s the perfect time to do a little walk-in closet reorganization, which is the subject of this month’s D4 Construction article. D4 Construction is the perfect place to call for home renovation projects, large or small. You can [read more]

Smart Storage Solutions Inspired by Tiny Homes

Over the last two months, we’ve talked about other uses Canadians find for their tiny homes, such as adapting them for use as an office. We also discussed considering a tiny house for your primary residence. This month’s newsletter is all about storage ideas inspired by the tiny house movement that we can all use [read more]

The Practical Pantry

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pantry in your home, chances are it’s not quite large enough. But even if it is, designing the space to be practical and organized will make it work better for you. A few changes can really make a big difference, so read on to find those that will [read more]

A Simple, Secret, and Safe Place to Hide Your Valuables at Home

The average Canadian doesn’t have a safe room or a closet-sized safe. But what he or she may have is a need for a small safe, hidden somewhere in the home. The average burglar, on the other hand, knows you may be hiding some cash, the key to a bank box, or some heirloom jewelry in [read more]

Get a Handle on Garage Storage

Perhaps your garage is well organized, neat and uncluttered, and you can put your hands on anything you’re looking for immediately. If that’s the case, I’d venture to guess you’re in the minority. Your garage space provides a vast amount of storage, even if your vehicle is also parked within it. Making the most of [read more]