Are Your Home and Property Snowstorm-Ready?

A generator for backup electricity to service refrigerators and freezers during an electrical outage is a great idea but not everyone has one. If you don’t, instruct family members not to open appliances once power goes out. The exception to this would be if you do so immediately and remove enough food that does not [read more]

Spring Fixups – Caring for Your Home’s Exterior and Yard

Spring is truly the time of new awakenings and restoration. Just take a look at the flowers beginning to blossom in your yard and garden. Your house often needs restoration, as well, after a winter when windows have been locked up tight and severe weather may have battered your home for months. Cleaning is one [read more]

Pergolas – Not Just for Looks Anymore!

Right about now, and just in time for summer cookouts with family and friends, you may be thinking of ways to spruce up your backyard. Giving your patio furniture a deep clean or even new paint may be in order. Colorful hanging plants and yard décor may do it for you. Maybe you’re considering the installation of an in-ground pool. But have you ever considered a pergola?