Replacing or Installing Windows – Part 2

Last month, we covered many types of windows available for your upgrade or installation, and we conclude that discussion in this month’s issue. Window frames are an important consideration when planning to install new windows in your home. And there are many choices available including: Wood and wood composite – While wood provides excellent insulation, [read more]

How Safe is the Air in Your Home?

Today we’ll talk about some of the ways you can clean up or modify the air in your home. We all want to be comfortable inside our own homes. We cool it in summer, heat it in winter and sometimes throw the windows open. Which is all fine – except there’s a lot more we [read more]

Are Your Home and Property Snowstorm-Ready?

A generator for backup electricity to service refrigerators and freezers during an electrical outage is a great idea but not everyone has one. If you don’t, instruct family members not to open appliances once power goes out. The exception to this would be if you do so immediately and remove enough food that does not [read more]

Spring Fixups – Caring for and Cleaning the Inside of Your Home

We talked about the outside of your home and yard last month, this month we’ll look at what cleaning  and fixing up needs to be done inside your home. While there are many things to cover, know that you extend the life of your home and its contents by maintaining them well – fixing as [read more]

Spring Fixups – Caring for Your Home’s Exterior and Yard

Spring is truly the time of new awakenings and restoration. Just take a look at the flowers beginning to blossom in your yard and garden. Your house often needs restoration, as well, after a winter when windows have been locked up tight and severe weather may have battered your home for months. Cleaning is one [read more]

Fall Maintenance Checklist

There’s no denying it… fall is here. Here’s a reminder of the things that need to get done before winter strikes. Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

7 Money-Saving Tips for Your Home

Now’s the time to get your home buttoned-up for winter.

Here are 7 tips to help keep your home snug no matter how blustery the winter winds AND they’ll shrink your energy bills as well… Just in time for Christmas spending.

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Are You Ready For Winter?

It’s winter home maintenance time…
Before settling down with a chill defying cup of hot chocolate and a good book it’s an excellent idea to take a look at the following areas in and around your home…

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Get a Jump on Winter

It’s fall maintenance time… Before you sit back and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of fall you will need to spend what amounts to a couple of weekends worth of work to prep your home for winter. Fall is a good time to get outside and knock off some of those important fall maintenance [read more]

Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior

Ask around and you’ll find that almost everyone has at least one handy housecleaning tip to share. But how often do they share tips about cleaning the outside?

Yet cleaning the outside of, and around, your home is very important. After all…

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