Go Ahead and WOW Your Guests at the Holiday Table This Year!

If you host the celebration of any of the various year-end holidays, chances are you dress up your holiday table. This month’s article offers up some ideas for your dinner table to wow your holiday guests. Your tablecloth is one of the main considerations. If the table surface below it is wood, be sure to [read more]

Winter Décor for the Cold Months Ahead

Thanksgiving has passed and, depending on the weather where you live, you may choose to keep up your autumn decorations for a while longer or switch to winter ones. Next month’s article will deal mostly with your holiday table, but for this month, we talk about winter. Many or most of these winter décor ideas [read more]

Top 9 Storage Ideas for Your Seasonal Décor

Most of us enjoy decorating our homes with a bit (or a lot) of seasonal items. For some, this might mean changing out pillows and towels, while for others it might include a little seasonal ‘something’ in every room. Whichever way you roll, check out these ways to keep it all well organized and readily [read more]

Ceilings That Won’t be Ignored

When planning a spruce-up for our homes, we tend to run down the usual list: new décor, furniture, area rug… Instead, why not look up at your ceiling? This article highlights some ideas to bring the wow factor into any room whether you’re a beginner DIYer or you need a little help from a contractor [read more]

Carpeting DOs and DON’Ts (and a couple of NEVER EVERs)!

Someone once said, “Preparation is everything”. It’s true and applies to most things in life. It does to carpeting, as well. This month we’ve compiled some DOs and DON’Ts – and even some NEVER EVERs – if you’re adding carpeting to your home. Let’s get right to it.   Preparation truly is everything You can [read more]

Cool Kids’ Rooms – Creating the Space that Reflects Your Child’s Own Personality

It seems like all kids want a cool room – one that is all about them. Creating one for your child may be easier than you think. If you’re planning to give your child their own cool room, read on… Just as when undertaking any project, do your homework. In this case, creating a personalized [read more]

Create a Home Library or Reading Nook

When we hear the term home library, we often think of dark leather, overstuffed chairs grouped together inside a massive room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves overflowing with leather-bound books. Tables and desks are made of deep mahogany, lighting is dim, and no one speaks in these rooms… Those who are able to afford these [read more]

The Right Lighting for Your Home

Did you know that as we age, we tend to need more light? But even if you’re in your twenties and buying a home, you probably want it to be well lit. Regardless of your age, you will incorporate varying degrees of light throughout your rooms since different rooms will serve different purposes. Here are [read more]

Countertop Options for Function and Design

If you’re building a new home – or simply giving your kitchen a face lift – you may be surprised at the variety of options available when it comes to your counter tops. While granite, quartz and laminate are always popular choices, there are other materials worth consideration. Check them out in the article below. [read more]

Defining – or Redefining – Areas Within Your Home

Whether you currently live in an open concept home, or you’ve removed walls to combine some of its space, you might find yourself in need of some room definition. Without it, you might find an oversized room overwhelming and chaotic.   Thoughtful choices in furniture placement, paint colour, and other considerations will give you that [read more]