Thanksgiving has passed and, depending on the weather where you live, you may choose to keep up your autumn decorations for a while longer or switch to winter ones. Next month’s article will deal mostly with your holiday table, but for this month, we talk about winter. Many or most of these winter décor ideas will carry you through until spring.

Adding some winter decor to your bedroomInside your home, begin your home decor change-over with some foundational pieces – linens on the beds, throw pillows and the like.

Your sheets as well as bedspreads get changed now if you have a heavier set. For your bed, it may mean bringing out the flannel. Your bed cover pattern may change from bright flowers or pale colors to deeper shades or darker colors. Plaids and solid color patterns are popular in cold weather months.

If you have matching ‘window wear’, this is a great time to hang these up also. Clean and store the shears or curtains you take down so they’ll be ready for next year. Throw rugs, bathroom towels, kitchen hand towels and pillows can be switched now. At many home stores, bright and cheery winter towels are available and make for some very quick and easy, seasonal additions to your kitchen and bathrooms.

Be sure to extend a little winter cheer into your guest bedroom or den if you are planning to host anyone overnight during the cold weather months. Little touches can brighten up even the smallest of spaces. Consider filling a glass vase with thin, long white branches or even eucalyptus stems for an easy, elegant touch. Pine cones are lovely from the beginning of autumn all the way through the end of winter. You can find these easily at most craft stores if you don’t have the real thing. When the season is over, wrap stems and pine cones carefully in tissue paper and store up and away where they won’t have anything placed on top of them.

In bathrooms, don’t forget your shower curtain. You can find an assortment of winter-themed ones in most department stores. Add some winter decor to your bathroomSnowflake and snowmen designs can take you through several months of the year, and often there are matching soap dispensers, bath rugs and towels. If you don’t have them now but want them for the future, be sure to check out the major sales on these items right before and after the Christmas holidays.

If you decorate with ceramic pieces or other items at the very top of your kitchen cabinets, now is a great time to bring in some different ones for a change in scenery. Personally, I enjoy using snowmen because of their seasonal longevity. Not to mention the fact that they’re just so cheery – even on the coldest, dreariest days. You can use a large decorated plate in the center and two other round pieces flanking it for a balanced look.

Some people change out their artwork or wall decor as the seasons change. If you do, this is the time to do that. Even consider your family photos; maybe they don’t get changed out for the season, but do they need updating before your family comes to your home during the holidays? I personally love Mixtiles® because you send them your photos electronically and soon thereafter, you have great quality, framed photos delivered to your home to place anywhere you choose. Best part? You can take them out of the box and place onto your walls instantly – and move them over and over again – with no marks left behind. No hammer, nails or tools needed. Look into this online company if this way of hanging family photos around your home appeals to you.

Seasonal mailbox coverOutside your home, a few small additions or changes will go a long way. Check your post box cover if you use one to make sure it doesn’t scream springtime as the snow begins to fall. If you enjoy garden flags around your yard, be sure they, too, are appropriate for the cold weather. It’s a bit odd seeing bumblebees and dragonflies in freezing temperatures!

Do you have planters outside your front entrance? Empty ones should be updated to include wintery itemsAdd some wintery touches to your porch decor or if remaining empty for the season, moved to the garage until springtime. For some good ideas – or inspiration for your own creations – check out these eight ideas at this link:

Finally, let’s look at your front door. Two things here may need updating or replacement. Your welcome mat is the first. Other than the generic ‘Welcome’ which, of course, is appropriate any time of year, your mat might need to be changed if it has a summery scene on it. If buying new, consider practical, brown coir ones made to remove salt, ice and snow from shoes as guests arrive at your front door. Either way, a good sized mat outside your front door is both practical and welcoming.

Winter wreath for your front doorThe second thing to look at is your front door wreath if you use them. Choose one that is perfect for use throughout the cold weather months. A thick, white feather wreath is an example of one that’s ideal since it suggests the color of snow and winter, but there are so many options available. In fact, making a wreath for yourself is not that difficult. With just a few supplies and a glue gun, you can create the perfect front door décor for yourself. While Pinterest is always a great place to get many home décor ideas, follow this link for a tutorial to get you started: . An alternative to a wreath is hanging some acrylic (or other material) flat snowflake ornaments. If you have clear sidelights flanking the front door, these look pretty hanging there from clear suction cups. Check out your local dollar stores for these first.

It doesn’t take much money or time to add seasonal touches to your home. On the other hand, if you enjoy dressing all the rooms in your home with each new season, go for it! I hope this article has inspired you to bring your house and yard into the coming cold weather months that lie ahead!

And as always, we would love to see pictures of your home before and after you decorate for the cold weather. Feel free to send them in to us and you may even see them posted!

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