Most of us enjoy decorating our homes with a bit (or a lot) of seasonal items. For some, this might mean changing out pillows and towels, while for others it might include a little seasonal ‘something’ in every room. Whichever way you roll, check out these ways to keep it all well organized and readily available year after year.


  1. Regardless of what type of containers you pack your seasonal décor in, be sure to write on the box which season (fall, holiday, spring etc.) the contents are for. Additionally, a good idea is to number them, including the total number for that season. Your boxes will read 1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8, etc. Put boxes away in the order that will be best for unpacking next time. It just makes sense to open a box containing garland and lights for your mantle before unpacking larger pieces that will also adorn that space.


  1. Ideally, all of your plastic tubs or other containers will be the same size so that they take up the least amount of room. The exception to this, however, is saving the original box in which certain items came. Fragile pieces are usually packed in perfectly-shaped Styrofoam padding to protect them. In those cases, it’s best to keep the original box and simply reinforce the seams with packing tape to ensure it lasts for many years.


  1. In addition to numbering all your boxes, make note of the contents of each on a piece of paper taped to the front.Storing your seasonal decor items in boxes.

    There may come a time when you’ll only need to decorate the front door and outside of your home. Perhaps you’ll be traveling a lot and won’t be expecting to have any company. You’ll appreciate being able to put your hands on only those containers filled with outside decor instead of opening all the boxes until you find the specific decorations you want.


  1. Sometimes we become so accustomed to seeing the same wreath, for example, year after year that we don’t notice how worn and weary it looks. With a critical eye – or an honest friend – assess the condition of your decorations and get rid of those which have seen better days. If there are good components to an otherwise battered décor item, you can remove those. I recently removed five artificial sunflowers from a wreath that was mostly faded and tucked them into a rustic autumn garland along my mantle. Donate any seasonal décor that you’re simply tired of but is still in very good condition. Even your pillows and throw blankets need to be checked for wear and tear.


  1. Save those zippered thick plastic bags that sheet sets and comforters often come in. They make for great individual-item storage within the larger tub and have the added benefit of being see-through; many even have handles. Just be sure to keep a couple of inches unzipped to allow for air flow while the items inside are stored away. I love them for seasonal linens, pillows and wreaths.


  1. Another idea for storing your wreaths – especially if you have multiple ones for the various seasons – is to cover themStore your seasonal wreaths by hanging them in your garage. with clear dry cleaning bags and hang them in the garage. Add a ribbon around the top of the wreath itself for hanging in storage if it doesn’t already have one. Make a small hole at the closed end of the bag and drape the bag over the wreath. Pull the ribbon through the hole and hang on a dowel or other rod in your garage. “S” hooks attached to a pegboard on a garage wall also work perfectly. A typical door wreath for any season takes up a great deal of room so this is a terrific way to free up lots of storage space inside the home.


  1. Before storing away your decorations – for both the inside and outside of your home – make sure they’re clean. Case in point… your garden flags. These often hang outdoors for many months at a time. If they need cleaning, wash gently and let them air dry. If they’re okay as they are, use a snap-together skirt or pants hanger to store them. They’ll hang neatly together and you’ll always know where they are. If you put the flag you just removed to the back of your stack, you’ll always have the current or next one to use at the front. If you use artificial pumpkins in fall (which is a great way to use your empty planters at the front of your house), they may need a good cleaning before putting them out for the season. Some furniture polish and paper towels are all that’s needed to remove the dull film from last season and make them shine again. Check all your outside décor to make sure it’s free of grime.


  1. Indoors, your dried and dull potpourri may need replacing. Get rid of the old and buy a new bag (available at most Check out your potpourri to see if it needs replacingcraft stores) to lighten and brighten up that foyer bowl again. Same thing for your pinecones; lose the old broken ones and go find some new ones in your yard or buy them if you don’t have any on your own property. Artificial flowers can be blown dry with a hair dryer set to the coolest setting and depending on the material the flowers are made of, may be able to be rinsed with water. If not, simply shake in a bag with coarse salt to remove cobwebs and dust.


  1. Finally, don’t forget about your post box. If you use a magnetic post box cover for the different seasons, be sure to wipe clean and store it away once dry. Open-style pants hangers are sturdy enough to hold the magnetic covers – and they’ll hang perfectly until the same season, next year.

Decorate your mailbox for the seasons.No matter what type of decorations you typically use, all should be checked, cleaned, donated or discarded and then stored away properly until the next year. Not only will doing so extend the life of these often expensive items but labeling and packing them away properly may remove some of the stress associated with decorating. When you’re able to find what you need when you want it, you eliminate the frustration that many people experience when decorating for the seasons. Look forward to decorating instead and enjoy the splendor of every new season!

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Author: Tiiu Garrett

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