Creating the wow factor with your ceilingWhen planning a spruce-up for our homes, we tend to run down the usual list: new décor, furniture, area rug… Instead, why not look up at your ceiling? This article highlights some ideas to bring the wow factor into any room whether you’re a beginner DIYer or you need a little help from a contractor – like Mike at D4 Construction (250-572-4812). While there are other ideas, this article will get you started on your own ceiling fixes.

Arguably the easiest on the list, paint comes in all colours and can be even custom blended if you want something totally unique. Paint your ceiling the same colour as walls to make the room appear larger – or create a matching colour border around the perimeter of your ceiling to obtain that same effect. If you’re an artist at heart, why not paint a beautiful ceiling mural? You don’t have to be a Michelangelo!

On a smaller scale, paint a medallion that encircles a light fixture. You can design a simple or fancy one depending on the rest of the room’s design. If Bold stripes can add the wow factor to any roompainting isn’t your thing, possibly the fastest option on this list is purchasing a medallion from your local big box, home remodeling store. Comparatively inexpensive, medallions can quickly add a little something extra to your room. Bold stripes can be painted by the average DIYer – with a bit of patience needed to measure out the lines – but the end
result is well worth the effort if you want a unique look to your bedroom without a great deal of expense. However, this is not a good choice if the ceiling has an uneven surface or blemishes since these can actually be highlighted by drawing attention to them in this way.

Drop-ceiling tiles are another easy and quick option to cover up a less-than-smooth ceiling. Using a metal grid to hold them, these lightweight tiles are literally dropped into place. The greatest benefit to installing this type of ceiling? Easy access to whatever may be above those tiles; plumbing and wiring come to mind. These are available in several styles and can spruce up a basement in a hurry.

Coffered ceilings create a nice touchAdding molding around the perimeter of a ceiling certainly adds value and beauty, just as it does to your walls. Taking that idea one step further, you can add flat cross beams to mimic the look of a coffered ceiling. Installing a tray or coffered ceiling with heavier lumber will always enhance your home’s beauty but a contractor should be called in since this is a larger project, albeit one that will add
lasting value to your home. Go online to find pictures of both types of ceilings and see how stains and paint can change the look of these ceiling remodels.

Along these lines, adding weathered beams across a ceiling is a beautiful, higher end look that may interest you if your home style is more rustic – or located in the woods or near the ocean. The same look can be accomplished with more streamlined, painted beams in a contemporary home. The simple straight lines of a beamed ceiling tend to make your room look larger.

Have you ever considered wallpapering your ceiling? Although we tend to think of wallpaper only going onto walls, many love the look of Add a surprising touch to your home with some wallpapered ceilingcontinuing their wallpaper onto their ‘fifth wall’. If choosing this option, this is definitely a two-person job and you may want to call in the professionals, even if you’ve done the walls yourself.

Beadboard and paneling are another option to consider for your ceiling. Like wallpaper, we often think of it only in terms of vertical space. Beadboard can instantly add a country feel to a home and can be easily painted. If choosing to hide the nails used to install it, tongue-and-groove beadboard may be your best bet. Beadboard and products made to look like it are manufactured in various materials and can be easier to install than traditional beadboard, but here again, you may choose to consult a professional to help you make those decisions.

Have a lot of imperfections in your ceiling that you just want to cover up? If your home’s style warrants it, consider installing a tin tile ceiling. Not every home would look right with this unique ceiling style, but if yours will, adding tin tiles will not only cover up those imperfections, but the tiles will add an old-school look that demands attention. If you love this look, tin tiles also come in other materials that look like tin but may be a better option for you.

Slats can greatly change the look of your room.Adding narrow slats to your ceiling is another choice you may love. While this is work-intensive, it will greatly change the look of the room and can be painted in any colour to match your existing décor or walls. If you’re handy, you may be able to create this type of ceiling yourself with the help of an assistant.

Upgrades to your home don’t have to mean removing walls or changing flooring. As this article describes, they can be as simple as adding a ceiling medallion or as complex as adding woodwork to create a coffered ceiling. The options are many and your choice should be made with your own home’s style and your personal taste in mind. But if you need some help along the way, you can call Mike.

Mike at D4 Construction in Kamloops, along with his team, are ready and experienced. You can reach him at 250-572-4812 and he’ll help you find the perfect ceiling choice for your home.

There are many ceiling option to choose from

Author: Tiiu Garrett

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