Tips for outdoor cleaning

Ask around and you’ll find that almost everyone has at least one handy housecleaning tip to share. But how often do they share tips about cleaning the outside?

Yet cleaning the outside of, and around, your home is very important. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they arrive.

Where to Start…

Washing your siding is the best place to begin your external housecleaning.
It provides you with the perfect opportunity to look for peeling paint on trim or siding (if it’s wood), window seals that need replacing, areas of disorder that need tidying, etc.

Tips for Cleaning Vinyl & Wood Siding:

Though good quality vinyl siding is one of the easiest products to maintain it’s not totally maintenance free.

Manufacturers recommend rinsing with a garden hose twice a year to wash away the dirt and grime that has accumulated and keep it looking new.

Simply removing accumulated dirt and mold is often all that’s needed. By washing your siding on a regular basis you prevent dirt and grime from becoming caked on and more difficult to remove.

If for some reason your siding is in need of a good scrubbing here are some tips to help make the cleaning as easy as possible:

    • If your home is large or needs scrubbing consider using a pressure washer
      You may need a pressure washer to clean your home's exterior

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      fukapon via photopin<

    • If you don’t own one of your own you can usually rent one that will do the job – it should be at least 2200 psi to be effective
    • Make sure the pressure washer has an injector to facilitate mixing in any needed cleaning solution
    • Regular dish soap or laundry detergent mixed with water makes a great cleaning solution
    • If you need something stronger for mold, mildew or stained areas try mixing a solution of 1 quart bleach with ¾ of a gallon of water and a small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent
    • Consider scrubbing these areas first with a soft bristled brush – like pre-treating a stain before you actually start washing
      Cleaning your home's exterior

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    • Make sure the power is turned off to all outside lights that may get wet while cleaning
    • Ensure all windows are closed
    • Be sure to aim your spray away from doors and windows so the water doesn’t leak into the house
    • Cover all plants and shrubbery around the house so that no cleaning solution drips on them. Start at the top and work your way down
    • If you are using any kind of cleaning solution be sure to rinse it off after you’re done

While you have the pressure washer out you might consider taking the opportunity to clean outdoor lawn equipment, decks, driveway, walkways, garage and even your windows.

If you do your windows you can use a purchased window cleaning solution or make one of your own from water and vinegar, such as the one listed in our eBook “How To Have More Time“. (scroll down the page to download your FREE eBook.)

Vinyl Siding Care Tips

Be careful with it:

Vinyl siding can Crack – Break – Buckle –and be Punctured — keep all bicycles and lawn equipment a safe distance away.

Keep hot things away from it:

Vinyl siding Melts — keep barbeques, grills, smokers, and patio warmers a safe distance away from it.

And… That’s all there is to it. Enjoy the rest of your summer knowing that your home is well-cared for.