Ready to enjoy the sand and sun?

If summer time means free time to enjoy sand and sun, not household chores, don’t worry.summer maintenance schedule

A lot of the summer maintenance tasks take place outdoors and won’t require long hours, especially if you’ve been keeping up a regular maintenance schedule.

Some Outdoor Tasks


Check any outside doors for strips of sunlight between the door and its frame. If you can see light it’s time to change your weather stripping. You’re wasting considerable amounts of money and energy keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter if it’s leaking into the great outdoors.

Now’s also a good time to lubricate squeaky or stiff hinges and tighten hinge screws as needed.


Check to see all your windows open and close smoothly – lubricate those that don’t. If you have older windows inspect the putty on the outside of the panes and replace as needed.


Now’s the time to call in the chimney sweep to clean your fireplace and flue. It’s easier to get him out while it’s off-season.

The Exterior:

Vinyl Siding – low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Take some time to inspect your siding – replace broken or damaged pieces, scrub away any mold, mildew, or dirt.

Wood Siding – this is a good time to paint. Any blistering or cracking paint should be looked after as soon as possible. Spot painting will cover small defects; anything more may require repainting your whole home. Replace any siding that shows signs of deterioration.Washing your siding & decking

Wood Decks:

Yearly power washing is a great way to make your deck look good while extending its life. A new coat of deck sealer helps prevent graying, cracking and splitting.

Walkways & Steps:

Repair any damaged walkways or steps that present a safety problem – even if it’s not a problem for you it may be for others. Someone tripping and hurting themselves on your steps or walkways could end in legal proceedings.

Taps & Hoses:

Make sure you’re getting all the water pressure you need by cleaning out the traps (small screens) in the faucet and hose bib. Check your hoses for leaks or kinks that might inhibit water flow.

Some Indoor Tasks

  • Inspect and clean any dust from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check bathroom and kitchen plumbing for any leaksplumbing maintenance tips
  • Check hoses on clothes washer, fridge ice-maker, and dishwasher for cracks or other signs of aging
  • Clean fridge drain pan and vacuum condenser coil
  • Check water heater and drain off a few gallons
  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper
  • Clean all fan and vent covers
  • Clean dishwasher food filters
  • Check tub and shower caulking and grout—clean and repair as needed
  • Clean faucet aerators and shower heads

That’s it for this season’s tasks. Take a break. You deserve it … after all it is summer.

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