The Right Lighting for Your Home

Did you know that as we age, we tend to need more light? But even if you’re in your twenties and buying a home, you probably want it to be well lit. Regardless of your age, you will incorporate varying degrees of light throughout your rooms since different rooms will serve different purposes. Here are [read more]

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

It’s December – and that special time of year when we transform our homes into magical places of wonder, filled with the scents and sparkle of the season. Whether you prefer a nativity, cover everything in ‘snow’, or display a different themed tree in every room, most people will do something in celebration of the [read more]

Countertop Options for Function and Design

If you’re building a new home – or simply giving your kitchen a face lift – you may be surprised at the variety of options available when it comes to your counter tops. While granite, quartz and laminate are always popular choices, there are other materials worth consideration. Check them out in the article below. [read more]

Smart Storage Solutions Inspired by Tiny Homes

Over the last two months, we’ve talked about other uses Canadians find for their tiny homes, such as adapting them for use as an office. We also discussed considering a tiny house for your primary residence. This month’s newsletter is all about storage ideas inspired by the tiny house movement that we can all use [read more]

Can You Live the Tiny House Lifestyle?

Last month, we gave you lots of ideas for setting up a tiny house on your property for use as a home office. This month, we’ll delve into living the tiny house lifestyle – using it as your primary residence. Granted, many people won’t be able to, or want to, pare down their belongings and sacrifice [read more]

Tiny House as Office

  Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of the tiny house movement taking place – not just in Canada but in the United States and around the world. It provides a means of home ownership for many people who previously thought it just a dream. A tiny house is affordable for most potential home owners and the upkeep [read more]

A Simple, Secret, and Safe Place to Hide Your Valuables at Home

The average Canadian doesn’t have a safe room or a closet-sized safe. But what he or she may have is a need for a small safe, hidden somewhere in the home. The average burglar, on the other hand, knows you may be hiding some cash, the key to a bank box, or some heirloom jewelry in [read more]

Pretty Is as Close as a Can of Paint

Painting the inside of your home gives it a facelift and certainly is worth the investment in supplies and labor if you hire a professional to do the job for you. Often the paint is the first thing people notice about a home when they walk in. The right color on the walls will: Give [read more]

Get a Handle on Garage Storage

Perhaps your garage is well organized, neat and uncluttered, and you can put your hands on anything you’re looking for immediately. If that’s the case, I’d venture to guess you’re in the minority. Your garage space provides a vast amount of storage, even if your vehicle is also parked within it. Making the most of [read more]

Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating

The Christmas season is fast approaching. This month, let’s look at some easy and affordable ways to get your home dressed for the holidays. First and foremost, decide what your overall style will be. For example, do you prefer rustic chic or sparkle and shine? Traditional colors of red and green, or modern takes on [read more]